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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Podcast in case you're at school..

Slapped Podcast from brian chen on Vimeo.


Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday, April 22, 2011

No More Cricket on The Tennis Courts...

Recently, Mr. Lipton (the current principal of LASA High School) came out to the tennis court on Wednesday at lunch time during a game. He spoke to Aniket Patel and told him that by playing crickt on the courts, we [cricket players] are harming the courts somehow. So now, we have to move on to the fields right next to the courts but they are not all that smooth to play on. When you bounce the ball, it jumps up and goes in a totally different direction because of the ground not being smooth. The balls that are used during lunch are TENNIS BALLS and not even realy cricket balls (which are much harder) and the bats that are used barely ever hit the ground and they are only scraped on the ground rarely. I think that this is really unfair that he is making us move from the tennis courts. Even though Mr. Lipton said that he might pay for someone to make a cricket field or atleast the middle pitch where the ball is thrown, it will cost a FORTUNE for the school and so he will (in the end) find some excuse and back out from doing this. And because of all this, my lead for my FEATURE STORY IS RUINED... so like I will either find a new lead or just you know, keep it as such.

NBA Playoffs

As we begin to approach the end of April no other sports event is attracting more attention than the NBA playoffs. Most of the teams that have entered the post-season are no surprises, with the Bulls leading the Eastern Conference and the San Antonio Spurs on top in the West.

Spurs-Grizzlies (Series tied 1-1):
Although the Spurs are the number 1 seed in the west, they have been playing badly throughout the 2nd half of the season, losing their best-record-in-the-league to the Chicago Bulls. The Grizzlies, on the other hand, fought through a tough competition against the Houston Rockets and the Phoenix Suns to get to the playoffs, and many believe that they will give the Spurs lots of trouble. 
Lakers-Hornets (Series tied 1-1):
The two time defending-champs are in the playoffs again, sitting comfortably near the top of the conference. The Lakers had been playing while after the All-Star break, and managed to put together some big win streaks throughout the 2nd half of the season. Although at the end of the Regular Season they had slipped a little, this is the exact same team that had won the championship last year, and they will fight strong and hard to make it to the finals again. On the other hand, the hornets, having suffered a somewhat disappointing season, are not going down without giving their best against this very big Lakers team. This team lead by Chris Paul could just surprise you the the things they can achieve.
Mavericks-TrailBlazers (Mavs Lead Series 2-1):
This is one of the close match-ups of the first round, with an experienced Dallas Mavericks team containing Dirk Nowitzski and Jason Kidd facing against a high-scoring Portland TrailBlazers team, lead by LaMarcus Aldridge. This will be a very difficult series, and it might just be one of those that will not get decided until Game 7.
Thunder-Nuggets (OKC Lead Series 2-0):
Even if this is a 4-seed vs 5-seed match-up many believe that it won't be very close, since the Nuggets had traded their star player, Carmelo Anthony, along with the Veteran, Chauncy Billups.
But this Nuggets team have surprised a lot of people. With the team's leading scorer traded away, the rest of the squad have seemed to pull something together, and won many games after the Melo-trade. Overall though, this seemed like it will be a overpowering series by the young Thunders team, with Kevin Durant and Russel Westbrook being the leaders, each scoring over 20 pts a game.

Bulls-Pacers (Bulls Lead Series 3-0):
This seems like an easy match-up for the Bulls, who had a terrific second half of the season and claimed the number-1 seed in the East against other tough teams such as the Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics. Although the Pacers have put up a fight throughout the series, it looks like the Bulls will be finishing them off rather quickly.
Heat-76ers (Heat Lead Series 3-0):
With all the talk throughout the regular season about the Big-3 of the Heat not being able to play cooperatively together, nonetheless they have made the playoffs in rather good position, and it looks like their star players have each found their role in the team. With Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh, it seems like the Heat will defeat the hard fighting 76ers and move on to the 2nd round.
Celtics-Knicks (Celtics Lead Series 2-0):
This is a match-up the many considers as the toughest one in the first round. The Celtics seems to be getting old, but players are stepping up towards the end of the season, and the 3 main pieces of the team, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and Kevin Garnett, have been playing well, and added to that is Rajon Rondo, who, having been playing worse and worse after the magnificent start of the season, will have to play really well for the Celtics to make it to the finals again. The Knicks, however, will not be going down easily either. Having acquired Carmelo Anthony through the big trade, the team is determined to compete in this very competitive Eastern Conference. But after the first two games of the series, Amar'e Stoudamire, along with Chauncy Billups are both injured, and it seems like Carmelo will have to carry this team by himself and try to defeat Doc Rivers and the Celtics.
Magic-Hawks (Series Tied 1-1):
Dwight Howard and the 3-point shooting Magic team will be taking on a really tough Atlanta Hawks team, who seems to be doing quite well in both the offense and the defense. With a deep bench including Jamal Crawford, this Hawks team might just surprise everyone and defeat this Magic team that falls and rises according to their 3-point shooting.

-Brian Chen

Monday, April 11, 2011

Bikramjit's Leads for Feature Story

Aniket Patel bowls the ball to Danish Hussain, he hits it and it flies over the fence. "A six he shouted," and his whole team came by to congratulate him putting their hands up for high-fives. Everyday, Cricket is played at lunch on the tennis courts. Many freshmen and sophomores come out and play usually and sometimes even juniors and seniors come out. Many people try out their batting skills, while others start to learn the correct way and practice on bowling.

Two weeks ago when Cricket Club was first starting off, only Freshmen came out to play. As anouncements came on about the club and when the club got their own bulletin board, many people came out to learn about the club and play the sport.

Startling Statement:
Cricket Club on a tennis court?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Brian's Feature Leads

Twenty bikes flew across the horizon charging into the wind, every rider pedalling hard. “CAR BACK!!” one of the people in the back shouted as he hears a car approaching in the back of the group. The whole group slid to their right, allowing the car to go by, then immediately leaned to their left, retaking the road. Another five minutes quickly ran by and the two people in the front each slid to their left or right to drop back to the rear of the group, allowing the next two bikers to come up and take the “pole”.  

Compare and Contrast:
Thirty years ago this group had been a young and talented bike group in Austin. The young fellows in their twenties and thirties were just starting to learn how to ride. They were entering races, and riding hard. Now, although they are many of them are in their fifties, some in their sixties, they aren’t backing down. Most of them still go out every weekend, riding either fifty miles on Sundays, ninety miles on Saturdays, or even both. But even so, many are growing weaker and weaker as time goes by, and some are thinking about not biking anymore. Although their bodies aren’t supporting them to keep doing this competitive sport anymore, none of them are willing to leave their belovin’ biking.

City of the Violet Crown.” This was how the writer O’Henry described Austin with its beautiful sunset. This is also how this thirty year-old bike club got its name. “It describes the purplish light at sunset, and I liked it, so we chose the name for the club.” says Jay Bond, one of the oldest members of the club. The Violet Crown Sports Association, or commonly called the Violet Crown bike club, was created in 1981, and is one of the oldest bike clubs in the city of Austin, which has grown to be a city full of biking-loving people since then.